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Hardwood Flooring Guide

Are you trying to make your home a place you love returning to? Nothing compares to hardwood flooring. The first floor of choice throughout the years, hardwood flooring as rich tones and a warm feel. If you’re an allergy sufferer, hardwood flooring is a wise choice. We offer hardwood options with low VOCs that make the perfect allergen-friendly option. At Oberdorf Carpet One Floor & Home in Lewisburg, PA, we have hardwood flooring for every lifestyle and need, so if you think you can’t have hardwood, keep reading!

Does Hardwood Flooring Come In My Favorite Style?

We carry a wide variety of solid and engineered hardwood flooring, ranging in:

The Specifics on Hardwood Species

Hardwood planks can be harvested from different domestic and exotic wood species. Some of our most popular products are made of wood from pine and white oak.

For a unique twist on hardwood, consider eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or cork. While not as traditional, they perform in similar ways to hardwood and share a similar look.

Is Engineered Hardwood Made Of Real Wood?

The short answer is YES. Here’s a quick overview of the two different hardwood flooring forms:

Am I Really Ready to Install Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is time-tested and durable but is limited to where it can be installed. For example, solid hardwood can only be installed in, on, and above ground rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Due to its simple construction, it’s not built for heavy foot traffic. Engineered hardwood flooring can be installed in kitchens, hallways, and basements due to its durable construction. Hardwood should not be installed in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Make sure your hardwood flooring is installed properly to avoid major problems. This often involves acclimating your flooring materials to the conditions inside your home before installation to prevent issues like swelling. Therefore, choosing your service provider carefully is of paramount importance: clearly, a professional flooring installation is strongly advised. Before you begin, remember that hardwood installation can get messy. Expect dust and lot’s it (don’t worry, it’s only temporary!)

How Can I Protect My Hardwood During Humid Months?

If your home runs humid but your heart set on hardwood floors anyway, the number one step to ensure you don't run into any issues involves proper planning. This is especially true in region where humidity during the summer months is a major concern. Maintaining a 35-55% relative humidity level is essential.

Investing in a central air conditioner or other environmental control system can be a terrific way to control the humidity in your home regardless of the temperature outside. Even small steps like a dehumidifier will go a long way towards protecting your investment and preserving the lifespan of your hardwood flooring.

Discover Our Hardwood Floor Selection

As a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, we carry quality flooring at exceptional prices. We have the best hardwood brands and can help you make smarter choices. To learn more about our hardwood flooring and installation services, visit us today in Lewisburg, PA.


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