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Carpet Trends

Top Carpet Trends 

Carpeting is an important flooring choice for your home. It provides you and your family with warmth and protection. Carpet flooring also protects your wooden floors from damage that can be caused by every day wear and tear. Having the right type of carpeting installed in your home by professionals, such as those employed by us at Oberdorf Carpet One Floor & Home, is a way to add value and style to your home.

Here are some of the current trends in carpeting for your home. This guide should provide you with some helpful hints as to what is popular and what you should look for when choosing the right carpet option for installation.

Different Carpet Styles

Most homeowners when choosing carpeting for the home tend to stick with a basic color palette. It is not uncommon to find light colored carpeting installed throughout the home. A neutral beige has its place in the home but adding a splash of color can bring dramatic change to a room. Embracing color widens the possibility of design choices available to you and gives you an unlimited selection from which to choose for your carpet flooring installation.

What are Carpet Patterns?

Another trend away from the basic Berber carpet is the introduction of patterns in carpeting.  You can transform you home from plain vanilla to stunning by selecting from an array of carpet samples that use different patterns. Think about how the room will be used, whether it is a family room, study, den or for formal dining, and choose a pattern that complements the theme, intent and purpose of the room. The idea is to choose a pattern for your carpet flooring that enhances the overall design theme you are looking to achieve.

Carpet Types and Textures

A trend that is growing in popularity for carpet flooring is texture. Texture gives your carpet a tactile feel and can also give a unique and fresh look to an older room in your home. Texture adds a new dimension to carpet design, changing the look and feel of your flooring. When you incorporate texture in your carpet floor, you will notice a difference immediately in the room. Texture can be woven or an applied pattern raised in a Saxony style carpet. Take a look at the many different textured samples available in order to choose one that is appropriate for the style and design you are looking for in your home.

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