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Carpet Guide

Carpet reigns king of our homes and businesses, and thanks to modern ingenuity, there are thousands of carpet flooring options. From sensible and stain-resistant products for pets and parents to luxurious wall-to-wall plush for the master bedroom, one can enjoy carpet nearly anywhere.

We’re proud to be your local carpet experts at Oberdorf Carpet One Floor & Home in Lewisburg, PA. We offer a broad selection of quality carpet flooring, and we also provide design services to make sure that you make the perfect choice for your residential or commercial setting. Our flooring professionals are here to help you find the right carpet and professional advice.

Carpet Types

When choosing a new carpet, consider wear resistance and durability. If you have family in your home that tends to be accident-prone, a carpet with stain resistance might fare best in your home. A carpet that looks good and lasts a long time is ideal for any home. We can help you choose carpet flooring that balances style and performance by fitting with your general design. There are five types of carpet: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.

Nylon is the most popular fiber used in carpet. It holds up the best against crushing and matting and is stain, soil resistant, and the easiest to clean. You can find the widest range of colors available in nylon fibers.

Wool fibers are the most expensive carpet option. It is exceptionally durable, with a rich warm appearance, resists soil and crushing. However, wool carpet stains more easily than nylon fibers.

Olefin fibers are used in Berber carpet. It is moisture, stain, and fade resistant. This choice of flooring is susceptible to oil-based stains though water-based stains are easy to clean. Berber carpet has the fewest color choices.

Polyester fibers are easy to clean, soft to the touch and cost effective. It is usually found in low traffic areas as it is less resilient than nylon and is susceptible to oil-based stains. If you wish for vibrant colors, this is the flooring of choice.

Types of fibers and pile styles play a role in how your floor looks and how it functions. Denser carpets are perfect for rooms and spaces that see frequent traffic, whereas plush carpets should be installed in places with lower traffic. The construction of carpeting is based on the fiber and tightness of the yarn as well as the density of the pile. These factors give it a specific appearance and feel.

Cut and uncut patterns contain both loops and cut pile in a mixture. It compliments a room with a variety of surface levels while hiding foot traffic.

Frieze has highly twisted yarns. It’s ideal for a family room with children and pets and is long wearing. It provides a textured surface with a crinkled or knobby appearance.

Level loop carpet provides a smooth surface that is the same height throughout a room. It has a casual appearance while being durable and easy to clean. This type of flooring works well in active family rooms.

Patterned loop construction is the most decorative carpet available. It is made in combinations of various levels of loops to make stunning patterns for a casual appearance.

Saxony carpet is a luxury item with a soft, smooth texture. It feels very plush under foot and works well in any type of living or dining room as well as bedrooms.

Carpet Installation

Carpet remains popular in residential and commercial settings, but there are different options from which you can choose. Commercial settings have heavier foot traffic, so commercial carpet tends to be sturdier than residential carpets. If you are looking to add carpet to your office, be sure to collaborate with us to choose a suitable commercial option. Carpet is more durable than you think. It can manage places around your home with heavy traffic like hallways, stairs, and even living rooms. With carpet, you can transform your favorite retreats into cozy hideouts. Carpet can be installed anywhere from your bedroom to your child’s playroom.

For busy households, consider installing stain-resistant carpet. Stain-resistant carpet is a modern innovation that calls on topical treatments that coat each carpet fiber. This prevents any lingering dirt or debris from sinking into your carpet’s core. While this treatment does wear off over time, new developments in the flooring industry have made for resilient rugs that can hold off dirt and stains for a longer period. Commit to doing your part in ensuring your carpet is maintained according to the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Our Carpet Selection

Oberdorf Carpet One Floor & Home is proud to be a member of the world’s most beloved flooring cooperative. Here, you’ll be pleased to encounter all your favorite carpet brands, as well as a wide inventory of stair runnersarea rugs and remnants. To learn more, please visit us soon at 4446 Westbranch Highway in Lewisburg, PA.

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