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Backsplash Tile

Backsplash Tile

Oberdorf Carpet One Floor & Home is your local tile expert. We make it easy to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom using tile. Maybe you’re staring at your kitchen wondering if you should refresh or revamp it? Before you start budgeting for a full remodel, consider installing tile backsplashes first! The beauty and design options of ceramic, porcelain, and marble tiles are endless.  A new design-oriented backsplash is sure to catch anyone’s eye! Start brainstorming now for your kitchen backsplash ideas and follow these tips! Check out our Tile Backsplash Gallery for some inspiration.

Porcelain Tile

Custom Backsplashes 

Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes can be completely customized to your personal style. Find inspiration by looking through magazines and taking note of what you like best. Are you gearing more toward using an accent color or sticking with a clean, soft neutral tone? Either choice can add just as much character! You also want to think about the color of your countertop as this is instrumental in choosing bold and bright versus a more mellow color. Choosing a color, material, and even pattern go hand in hand when considering your options and working within your budget parameters. Our team of consultants can assist you with some of these areas to help narrow down your options.

Durable Protection 

Tile is a durable material for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes due to its ability to withstand pressure and regular cleaning. Unlike tile, wallpaper has a tendency to peel in areas like the bathroom and kitchen. However, both grease and moisture will not affect tile negatively like they would affect wallpaper. Tiled walls are protected from splatters and spills, because the liquid does not penetrate the wall beyond the tile surface. Similarly, tile can be stylized in any way you want. 

Easy Maintenance

Keeping your tile looking great for a long time is doable with little maintenance. Wiping down tiles and ensuring their cleanliness is effortless because spills are easy to clean and wipe. If you choose to have the tile meet the cabinetry or if you have tile in areas where there are no cabinets, like above the sink or stove, opt for a step stool to make cleaning those areas safer. Also, using a spray bottle to spray a cleaning solution on backsplashes is a good idea. You want to get the solution on all the tiles evenly and then wipe them down with a rag. Don’t forget to clean your grout lines, either. Grout lines should be scrubbed to ensure that dirt does not get trapped and cause the tile to look dirty. Doing so will make your tile and grout stand out against your kitchen or bathroom walls and décor.