Somerset Hardwood 

The flooring you choose to display in your home will play a big part in showcasing the traits of your personality and style. The floors will also influence what kinds of activities go on in the room they are in, and what that room is used for. Carpet can make a child’s bedroom or playroom a little more cozy while a bold or bright tile will reflect a bustling, busy kitchen. Hardwood is an elegant and timeless option for flooring and is well-suited to living rooms, hallways, dining rooms and more. Hardwood is known to last a long time which makes it a good long-term investment. Hardwood floors in a home will also increase the home’s value.

At Oberdorf Carpet One, we sell a variety of hardwood brands, but one brand we would like to dive deeper into here is Somerset Hardwood. Somerset is an expert in the hardwood business with over 20 years of industry experience. They maintain a solid commitment to making the finest quality product, and that starts with the best wood and best manufacturing techniques! Somerset also makes sure they keep eco-friendly efforts alive and maintain productive and healthy forests to ensure that trees keep their integrity for years to come. Somerset uses Appalachian wood and kiln-dries it for a classic and unique finish!

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