Pet Friendly Flooring

If you’re a pet owner, then you know the struggle of the dreaded pet mess. Whether you have a puppy learning to house train or an older cat who can’t seem to find the litter box anymore, your intimate knowledge with keeping your floors "company-friendly" is deep.  From muddy paw prints lining your carpet and water or food spills in the kitchen to cat litter strewn across the floor and torn open garbage scattered about the house, you’ve seen it all, and you’ve probably bought it all to clean it! 
But, did you know that keeping your floors and carpet clean doesn’t begin with your cleaning products? The flooring you have at home makes a big difference in keeping up with your pet mess. Pet-friendly materials are better suited for pet-friendly homes. Here's why! 

What is the Best Type of Flooring for Pets?

  • Area rugs are easier to pick up and clean if a pet makes a mess. A natural jute or sisal rug makes it even easier because you can just take it outside and shake off the debris!
  • Carpet tiles, yes like the ones in an office building, are increasing in popularity. If there is a particularly nasty stain you can get out, pop up the tile and replace it with a new one. Look there! Brand new rug!
  • If replacing your carpet tile is unappealing, animal hide makes a great rug alternative for pet owners. Stains absorb easily and are hard to see.
  • If none of the other options seem like a good fit, indoor/outdoor rugs are stain resistant, waterproof and easily cleaned with a hose.

For those that find carpet too much of  a hassle to maintain with pets, there are pet-friendly flooring options.

  • Hardwood floors are beautiful, but easily damaged and porous. Bamboo flooring looks and feels like wood, but is a tougher material. It’s scratch resistant and, unlike wood,  less likely to hold stains.
  • Today’s vinyl tile is not your parents or grandparents vinyl tile. Made to be removed and replaced, they are resistant to dampness and humidity and are great throughout the house to contain pet stains. Plus, individual vinyl tile pieces are replaceable when damaged or stained.  
  • Painted concrete, often found in modern style home designs, is an inexpensive pet-friendly flooring. It’s easy to clean, unlikely to stain and won’t scratch.

You may not think flooring is pet-friendly, but many options make clean up easier and decrease damage rates!