Kitchen Flooring

Tile flooring has been fascinating home builders and buyers for decades, and the interesting new design options on the market today make it even more appealing. With easy-care tile taking on the appearance of everything from wood to cement, and even marble you can bet that adding tile to your kitchen is a trend that's not going away anytime soon. 

1. Smooth as Silk
Tile comes in many different colors, shapes, sizes and even textures and a key trend for today is the silky smooth kitchen tile that brings to mind the look of cement. Pair the aged look of tile with the smoothness of concrete and you've got a design option that will add depth and warmth to your kitchen tile. Softer tones are suitable for all kinds of design, and tile flooring is available in a range of options. 
2. Non-Standard Sizes
Part of the beauty of a tile flooring is the flexibility of the option. You are not stuck with 12" tiles--instead, you are limited only by your own creativity. Manufactured kitchen tile comes in non-traditional sizes and shapes such as planks, hexagons, and even large-format tiles. Be creative and come up with a mosaic design that is sure to wow your guests. 
3. Tile Walls
Kitchens are prone to a great deal of splattering as you cook. What better way to have a wipe-clean surface than by adding kitchen tile to your walls or backsplash? Not only does this option add texture, you can add interest to your overall kitchen design as well by incorporating new color elements and styles right into the walls. 
4. Contrasting Textures
A roughed-up tile could be just the contrasting texture that your kitchen needs to combat the too-slick stainless steel or granite surfaces. Texture patterns can be repeated in kitchen tile to subtly layer the look of the overall design. 

No matter what type of design option you go with, tile flooring or walls are a fantastic way to add interest to your kitchen and keep your cleaning requirements to a minimum.