Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood: Classic, Rich, and Timeless

At Oberdorf Carpet One, we hope to collaborate with you to make your home the haven you love returning to after a long day. Nothing says timeless quite like hardwood does, with its rich tones and warm feel, hardwood has been the first floor of choice for many people throughout the years. Hardwood floors are not only appealing to look at, they actually add value to your home if you are ever looking to sell. Hardwood planks can be harvested from many different wood species. We carry a wide variety of planks with ranging colors and finishes to match any style from country to industrial to modern. A few of our most popular products are made of wood from:

Pine is the perfect neutral, exuding with a lovely golden brown color that can serve as a base. Pine is very durable and is able to withstand foot traffic and other impacts. Choose pine for rooms like an entryway or kitchen that will see a lot of activity and movement.

White Oak:
Light and clean in appearance, white oak is uniform and easy. White oak is long lasting and resilient, the perfect choice for families with small kids or pets. White oak is also one of our more budget friendly options.

For a unique twist on hardwood, consider eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or cork. While not as traditional, they perform in similar ways to hardwood and share a similar look. Check out our eco-friendly, exotic flooring line here.

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Get a better feel for the styles of hardwood you can choose from by giving this video a view!